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Georgia Driving License Mandatory Suspensions and Revocations

by Seth Azria on 4/30/2017


Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) will impose a mandatory suspension of a driving privilege on a Georgia driver convicted in Georgia, or any other state, of:

  • Racing; or,
  • Operating a vehicle with a suspended, revoked, or canceled registration; or,
  • Leaving the scene of an accident; or,
  • Homicide by vehicle; or,
  • Using a vehicle to elude or attempt to elude an officer.


DDS will revoke a driving privilege if a driver is convicted of:

  • Being a habitual offender due to 3 convictions in 5 years of offense that causes a mandatory suspension as described above; or,
  • Refusing to comply with a DDS notice requiring a re-evaluation of your driving skills or knowledge; or,
  • Being unfit to drive by reason of disease, mental or physical disability, or drug or alcohol addiction.

In addition, DDS may suspend a driving privilege for 1) refusing a DUI chemical test, 2) a DUI conviction, convictions for 3) driving without insurance or 4) while suspended, 5) failure to appear in court, or 6) excessive point accumulation.

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